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Common Sense and
Common Ground
for the Commonwealth

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Mail-In Ballot

If you're a registered voter in Pennsylvania, voting by

mail-in or absentee ballot is safe, secure, and easy. Applications must be received by April 16, 2024 at 5 p.m.

Meet Stefanie

Welcome and hello, neighbor! I’m Stefanie Rafes, proud Lehigh Valley native and candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 187. With your support, I will fight for meaningful change in Harrisburg, as a strong voice for the issues that matter most to you. As the Lehigh Valley continues to evolve, we need fresh perspectives and new ideas to ensure that as we grow the local economy, we do not sacrifice the quality of life that we hold dear. As we focus on “smart growth,” we must also preserve our open spaces and the beautiful Pennsylvania landscape we are so fortunate to enjoy. Together we can achieve both, and build a better, brighter future.



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